Authentic Olympus Vanta Hot Heel Kit

Title: 1 Hot Heel Kit
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Authentic Olympus Vanta Hot Heel Kit allows high temperature XRF analysis with your handheld XRF gun!

Ever wondered, "How do I test hot samples with my XRF?" Analyze XRF samples up to a temperature of 900F (480C) with the Authentic Olympus Vanta Hot Heel Kit. This specialized high temperature Vanta attachment provides the high temperature analysis capability you need to test your hot samples. Get accurate readings on applications like testing hot piping or testing on fresh metal castings in the foundry with the Olympus Vanta Hot Heel Kit.

Compatible with most Olympus Vanta models including:

  • Olympus Vanta L Series
  • Olympus Vanta M Series
  • Olympus Vanta C Series
    • NOT compatible with the Olympus Element Series

The Vanta Hot Heel is a specialized faceplate for testing hot samples or on hot surfaces. This kit includes:

  • Hot heel faceplate
  • Gasket
  • 10 Kapton windows
  • Specialty Allen wrench
  • Installation Instruction Card

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