X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) is the best way to test all precious metals found in jewelry! XRF is 100% non-destructive!

The video below is a video tutorial showing how to test jewelry with a benchtop XRF. While this video features the Olympus Vanta GX, there are many other handheld and benchtop XRF units on the market that can test your precious metals.

To test jewelry you will need:

  1. A XRF analyzer with the "Precious Metals" calibration.
  2. Relevant Certified Reference Materials (CRMs).
  3. Clean XRF Windows for your analyzer.
  4. Training for how to get the right results, every time.

Need help finding your XRF or Precious Metals CRMs? Contact Us!

Jewelry contains precious metals but can sometimes be plated! A good XRF will also contain plating detection to help you avoid costly mistakes of buying/selling plated gold jewelry unknowingly!

It is important to use the "Precious Metals" mode in your XRF! Without it you may lose features such as plating detection and gold Karating!

Questions about what XRF is best to test your jewelry? Contact us!