This is a video tutorial for how to test catalytic converter powder with a handheld XRF. While this video features the Olympus Vanta Element, there are many other handheld and benchtop XRF units on the market that can test this material.

To test catalytic converter material you will need.

  1. A XRF analyzer with the Car Catalyst mode calibrated.
  2. At least 1 Car Catalyst Certified Reference Material (CRM).
  3. A method to extract the combs from the catalytic converters.
  4. A grinder to pulverize the catalytic converter combs into a uniform powder.
  5. XRF grade sample cups and the right XRF film.
  6. Training for how to get the right results, every time.

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Car Catalyst precious metal compositions are shown in parts per million (ppm) when in the car catalyst mode. 

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