About Alloy Geek

Alloy Geek is owned and operated near Raleigh, North Carolina by our CEO and Metallurgical Engineer, Nate Newbury. Alloy Geek was founded in 2021 in an effort to continue helping people and companies who work in the metals industry. We offer a variety of products that help those folks test their metals, alloys, fabrications, castings, and parts! 

Our Leadership

Nate Newbury is currently serving as both Founder & CEO of Alloy Geek. His vision has continued to grow the company to expand our offerings to help people in the metals industry. Nate graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelors in Science in Materials Engineering focusing in Metallurgy and Polymers. He started his career working for a high tech, high alloy foundry working on various casting processes including: centrifugal casting, static sand casting, green sand casting, 3D printed sand printed molds and inserts, investment casting, investment centrifugal casting, and much more! During his time as a metallurgist, Nate found that he could help people in the metals industry through designing parts and later help his customers get the parts they needed, designed in a way that worked best for them. In 2019, Nate took a role helping Rigaku Analytical Devices helping customers find the right handheld metal analyzer. It was here that Nate began to see that his customers needed help. After Rigaku, Nate founded Alloy Geek as a way to continue serving the  metals industry. We source most of our products right here in the USA and minimize investment in foreign parts, where we can. 

Our Location & Contact Info

We do not have a publicly available storefront at this time. However, we encourage you to us the contact information below!

Phone: 919-400-1216

Email: sales@alloygeek.com

Or by mail at:

Alloy Geek LLC
267 Timber Drive
Unit 1658
Garner, NC 27592