Sell it, working or not!

Alloy Geek will pay CASH for your old XRF working or not! Do you have a handheld XRF sitting idle either working or broken? Do not throw it away. Alloy Geek will buy your old XRF from you for CASH

XRF & LIBS Analyzers are used to Recycle!

Not only can you capture some GREEN of your own, but you will also help us recycle metals! Many second hand metal analyzers are refurbished and resold to the metal recycling industry as these lower cost options still make great metal sorting tools! 

Upgrade your old handheld metal analyzerWhere can I sell my old XRF? Olympus Delta

If you simply want to upgrade to a newer model of handheld metal analyzer (XRF or LIBS), Alloy Geek can help! We support all brands of handheld metal analyzers including new and pre-owned!  You can trade in your current XRF/LIBS analyzer and apply the value towards a newer model to give you new capabilities, faster test times, and the latest and greatest technology! 

Avoid auction site scams and costly online fees.

Selling to a trusted source like Alloy Geek is a better way to sell your XRF. Avoid the big fees on auction sites. Side step the scammers and sell directly to us. We guarantee an offer within 24 hours!

All you have to do is Contact Us! Appraisal is FREE!

Simply fill out the Contact Us form below include: Model Name, Serial Number, Does your unit work or not, Date of Manufacture, and Company Name who owns the analyzer.