Bruker CTX 32mm Sample Cups

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Bruker CTX 32mm sample cups for your benchtop XRF analyzer

The Bruker CTX 32mm Sample Cups (PN 160.0177) are specifically designed for soil, powder, and fluid analysis. This authentic part number is an ideal choice for precise benchtop XRF testing. Durable construction ensures accuracy and precise results. Thin film not included.

Compatible with all Bruker CTX models including:

  • Bruker CTX 500
  • Bruker CTX 500S
  • Bruker CTX 600
  • Bruker CTX 800

    Discover the unparalleled features of the Bruker CTX XRF Sample Cups, specifically designed to enhance your handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis. These sample cups are equipped with an innovative re-sealable cap that seamlessly integrates an external overflow reservoir, along with the option for venting. Experience heightened convenience and flexibility in your analytical processes with this advanced solution.

    The Bruker CTX XRF Sample Cups revolutionize sample handling with their cutting-edge design. By simply rotating the re-sealable cap to the open position, an efficient evacuation passageway is established from within the cell through the cap, leading directly into the external reservoir. This mechanism enables swift and accurate transfer of samples, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring reliable analysis.

    To further optimize your XRF analysis, the sample cups feature an integrated external overflow reservoir. This additional component provides a safeguard against sample overflow and facilitates the containment of excess material. Effectively managing sample volume.

    Additionally, the Bruker CTX XRF Sample Cups offer the option for venting, adding another layer of control to your analytical procedures. With the capability to release pressure or gas as needed, you can create the ideal conditions within the sample cup for enhanced accuracy and reproducibility of results.

    When it comes to sample storage and future reference, the re-sealable cap of the Bruker CTX XRF Sample Cups truly shines. By re-positioning the cap, the evacuation passageway is securely closed, ensuring sample integrity during storage. This feature allows for easy retrieval and analysis of stored samples whenever required.

    Elevate your handheld XRF analysis with the exceptional functionality of the Bruker CTX XRF Sample Cups. With their seamless integration of the re-sealable cap, external overflow reservoir, and venting option, these sample cups empower you to achieve precise, reliable, and efficient results. Experience the difference for yourself and unlock new possibilities in your analytical workflows.

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