Metal Working Approved XL ANSI Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves by Alloy Geek

Quantity: 1 Pair - $7.95/pair
Vendor: Alloy Geek
Size: XL
Sale price$7.95


Protect your hands when working with metals with these ANSI Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves by Alloy Geek! 

Size: XL

Dipped in a high performance polymer to protect the palm and fingers from injury, these breathable gloves keep your hands safe at work while being durable enough to survive even the toughest environments! These gloves are seamless with an elastic cuff that runs down the wrist snug enough to keep debris out.

Scrap Yard + Metal Recycling Approved
Alloy Geek Cut Resistant Gloves are TOUGH enough to survive any scrap metal environment. Why take risks with lower quality alternatives when safety in the metal recycling industry is our top priority!

Cut Resistant Gloves by Alloy Geek are Metal Recycling Approved!

Comfortable, Breathable, and finally Rugged
Made from Nylon, Spandex, and Glass Fibers, these gloves offer cut resistance level 5 while offering comfortable breathability. This is the kind of comfort and ruggedness needed to feel comfortable and protected at work.

Alloy Geek ANSI Cut Resistant Gloves maintain finger dexterity while keeping you safe on the job!

All the protection without the loss of mobility!
Don't sacrifice mobility on the job when wearing gloves. The Alloy Geek Cut Resistant Gloves protect your hands while maintaining the dexterity you need to get the job done!

ANSI Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves keep you working on the job and flexible enough to use tools

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