Oxford Hitachi X-MET5000 & X-MET5100 Thin Windows

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Quantity: 10 Windows
Instrument: X-MET5000 & X-MET5100
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Oxford Hitachi X-MET5000 / X-MET5100 Thin Window Kit protecting your handheld XRF!

These thin polymer windows provide superior protection to the X-Ray tube and detector for your handheld XRF while allowing for light element analysis. Once a window is dirty or damaged, it is time to change to a new one. New, clean XRF windows keep your handheld giving you precise results. Part Number 10000912.

    Compatible with all Oxford / Hitachi X-MET5000 models including: 

    • Hitachi X-MET5000
    • Hitachi X-MET5100

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