Innov-X Systems Alpha iPaq Battery

Quantity: 1 Innov-X Systems Alpha iPaq Battery
Brand: Alloy Geek
Sale price$195.00


Innov-X Systems Alpha iPaq Battery supporting your InnovX Alpha handheld XRF!

This Innov-X Systems Alpha iPaq Battery fits in ANY iPaq for the Innov-X Alpha model handheld XRF analyzers. This battery does NOT power the Alpha XRF itself, CLICK HERE if you are looking an Alpha XRF battery.

Compatible with all iPaq's Innov-X Systems Alpha models including:

  • Innov-X Systems a-600
  • Innov-X Systems a-2000
  • Innov-X Systems a-4000
  • Innov-X Systems CL-4000 SL
  • Innov-X Systems XT-260
  • Innov-X Systems a-6000
  • Innov-X Systems a-6500 R
  • Innov-X Systems a-8000
  • Innov-X Systems a-8000 LZX
  • Innov-X Systems Omega

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