Olympus Delta Docking Station

Condition: Refurbished
Sale price$2,495.00


Olympus Delta Docking Station powering your handheld XRF!

The Olympus Delta Docking Station is designed to quickly and safely charge Delta Lithium-ion batteries and the XRF unit at the same time. High-efficiency design ensures your batteries are kept fully charged and ready to go. The docking station has a check sample built in to make running the sample check function even easier!

Since this item is no longer manufactured, the only condition available is refurbished. Alloy Geek guarantees these products will work with a 30-day money back guarantee!

Compatible with All Olympus Delta Models and Batteries including:

  • Olympus Delta Standard Models
    • DS-2000 (Alloy)
    • DS-4000 (Environmental)
    • DS-6000 (Mining)
    • DS-6500-C (ROHS)
  • Olympus Delta Professional
    • DPO-2000 (Alloy)
    • DPO-4000 (Environmental)
    • DPO-6000 (Mining)
    • DPO-6500-C (ROHS)
  • Olympus Delta 50 Professional
    • DPO-4050 (Environmental)
    • DPO-6550-C (ROHS)
  • Olympus Delta Premium
    • DP-2000 (Alloy)
    • DP-4000 (Environmental)
    • DP-6000 (Mining)
    • DP-6500-C (ROHS)
  • Olympus Delta 50 Premium
    • DP-4050 (Environmental)
    • DP-6550-C (ROHS)

Searching for a docking station for the Olympus Delta has never been easier!

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