Olympus Delta Test Stand and XRF Workstation

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Refurbished: Delta Test Stand only (40Kv)
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Olympus Delta Test Stand and XRF Workstation for portable XRF analysis!

The Olympus Delta Test Stand and XRF Workstation is a comprehensive solution for any delta model, including premium standard and classic models. It features a lightweight and portable design, as well as a shielded enclosure for a safe and repeatable testing environment. It requires a PC with Windows 10 or earlier and can be easily set up in a laboratory or at a remote field site. This rugged and reliable workstation optimizes testing and provides a secure, closed-beam system.

These Test Stands are no longer manufactured but have been re-certified by Alloy Geek LLC!

Portable test stands for handheld XRF units have some major advantages!

  1. Yields superior results on smaller samples (i.e. jeweler, weld wire, etc.)
  2. Safe, closed-beam design
  3. More precision when targeting small samples or specific areas on your samples
  4. Operate safely and comfortably from a PC

We offer both the test stand alone and a turn-key setup with a Laptop and installation. Turn-key solution requires your Delta to be mailed to Alloy Geek LLC for setup work to complete. You are responsible for mailing your Delta to Alloy Geek LLC and back again.

On-site variants can be done on upon request but require a custom quotation.

This test stand is compatible with all Olympus Delta models including: 

Compatible with Olympus Delta Models including:

  • Olympus Delta Standard Models
    • DS-2000 (Alloy)
    • DS-4000 (Environmental)
    • DS-6000 (Mining)
    • DS-6500-C (ROHS)
  • Olympus Delta Professional
    • DPO-2000 (Alloy)
    • DPO-4000 (Environmental)
    • DPO-6000 (Mining)
    • DPO-6500-C (ROHS)
  • Olympus Delta Premium
    • DP-2000 (Alloy)
    • DP-4000 (Environmental)
    • DP-6000 (Mining)
    • DP-6500-C (ROHS)

Olympus Delta handheld XRF NOT included!

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