Olympus Vanta Element Stick on Kapton Window

Window Type: Stick-On Thick Kapton Window Guard
Quantity: 10 Windows
Sale price$133.00


Olympus Vanta Element Adhesive Backed Kapton Window protecting your handheld XRF analyzer!

The Olympus Vanta Element Stick On Kapton Window Guard offers maximum protection for your Olympus Vanta XRF Analyzer. It is designed to withstand harsh environments, and can even be replaced without screws or hassle. Made in the USA, this window is the right XRF Window for your Olympus Vanta. Olympus Part Number 10-011462-00 / Q0203402 / KAPTON-VEL

Compatible with Olympus Vanta Element and other analyzers calibrated for this window.


  • Replacement windows must be the same as the ones you are replacing. Using other materials will impact the performance of your unit.
  • If you are not sure if these are the right replacement windows for you, simply Contact Us.

    If you do not see your specific item Contact Us. We can help.

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