Tungsten/Tin Blend Accelerator for LECO Carbon Sulfur Analyzers PN 501-008

Quantity: 5lb Container
Sale price$595.95


Tungsten-Tin Blend Accelerator for your LECO Combustion Analyzer supporting all Carbon Sulfur Analyzers

Keep your LECO carbon and sulfur analyzer running with this tungsten/tin blend (-20+40 mesh) for your LECO CS844, CS744, and other models of Carbon and Sulfur Analyzers, LECO Part Numbers 501-008 and 502-294.

Supported Models:

  • CS200 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS230 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS244 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS300 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS344 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS400 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS444 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS600 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS744 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS844 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer / CS844 Carbon/Sulfur Determinator
  • C844 Carbon Determinator / C844 Carbon Analyzer
  • S844 Sulfur Determinator / S844 Sulfur Analyzer
  • S844ES Enhanced Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS844ES Carbon and Enhanced Sulfur Analyzer

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