Authentic Thermo Scientific XL3t Portable Test Stand PN 420-017

Condition: New
Option: Test Stand Only
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This Authentic Thermo Scientific XL3t SmartStand turns your handheld XRF into a portable benchtop analyzer!

The Thermo Scientific XL3t SmartStand is the perfect choice for turning your handheld into a portable benchtop analyzer. Boasting a light weight design, it transforms your handheld XRF into an ideal device for testing small samples, liquids, soil, rock and geology samples. Get accurate results in no time operating remotely from your PC!

This workstation is available in both new and refurbished condition. Refurbished condition comes with Alloy Geek money-back 30-day guarantee!

Portable test stands for handheld XRF units have some major advantages!

  1. Yields superior results on smaller samples (i.e. jeweler, weld wire, etc.)
  2. Safe, closed-beam design
  3. More precision when targeting small samples or specific areas on your samples
  4. Operate safely and comfortably from a PC

We offer both the test stand alone and a turn-key setup with a Laptop and installation. Turn-key solution requires your XL3t to be mailed to Alloy Geek LLC for setup work to complete. You are responsible for mailing your XL3t to Alloy Geek LLC and back again.

On-site variants can be done on upon request but require a custom quotation.

    This test stand is compatible with all Niton XL3t models including:

    • Niton XL3t 950
    • Niton XL3t 960
    • Niton XL3t 970
    • Niton XL3t 980
    • Niton XL3t GOLDD
    • Niton XL3t 951 GOLDD PLUS
    • Niton XL3t 981 GOLDD PLUS
    • ...and other XL3t models

      Searching for a Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t portable workstation has never been easier! Catalog Number 420-017, Part Number 420-017, PN 420-017

      Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t handheld XRF analyzer is not included.

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