Handheld XRF Cleaning Wipes Pack

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Handheld XRF Cleaning Wipes, Five Pack!

These 99.9% alcohol cleaning wipes are safe to use when cleaning your handheld XRF. They are safe for exterior surfaces and around the outside area of your XRF window.


  • x5 Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning your Handheld XRF:

  • Use to clean up your XRF when changing your windows. These wipes are to be used externally only and should not touch the X-Ray Tube or X-Ray Detector on the front your XRF gun.
  • High quality cleaning wipes can be use for any application requiring isopropyl alcohol
  • Large 5x6 inch wipe gives you enough surface area to broadly clean even the exterior case of your handheld metal analyzer.
  • The 99.9% high purity isopropyl alcohol wipe safely removes most dirt, dust, oxides, oil, ink, stains, grease, and adhesive residue from equipment.
  • These wipes will work with all X-Ray instrumentation including brands such as:  Niton, Olympus, Bruker, Hitachi, SciAps, Innov-X Systems, Rigaku, Elvatech, and more!
  • DO NOT use behind the X-Ray window near the X-Ray Tube and/or Detector inside your instrument.

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