Innov-X Systems Alpha Compact Flash Memory Card

Brand: Equivalent to OEM
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Innov-X Systems Alpha compatible Compact Flash Memory Card supporting your handheld XRF!

This Innov-X Systems Compact Flash, CF, memory card fits perfectly into your iPaq! Simply slide it to the top slot on your iPaq. All you need to do is copy the files from your old CF card to this new one in order for your Alpha to work. Keep in mind all calibration data for your InnovX Alpha is on this CF card. CF reader, sold separately.

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Compatible with all iPaq's Innov-X Systems Alpha models including:

  • Innov-X Systems a-600
  • Innov-X Systems a-2000
  • Innov-X Systems a-4000
  • Innov-X Systems CL-4000 SL
  • Innov-X Systems XT-260
  • Innov-X Systems a-6000
  • Innov-X Systems a-6500 R
  • Innov-X Systems a-8000
  • Innov-X Systems a-8000 LZX
  • Innov-X Systems Omega
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