Innov-X Systems Alpha Windows

Quantity: 10 Windows @ $10 Each
Material Thickness: THIN Kapton
Sale price$100.00


Innov-X Systems Alpha Windows protecting your handheld XRF gun!

The Innov-X Alpha Kapton Window protects your XRF against damage and debris. The Kapton film is required for precise elemental analysis. Get the reliable protection you need with these Kapton Windows.

This window comes in two variants. Choosing the right variant for your Alpha, handheld XRF is important to getting the best results. You can tell which window you have by the color or by measuring the window with a micrometer. Alternatively, you may reach out to us directly for help!

  1. THIN WINDOWS - 0.03 mil thick, yellowish in color
  2. THICK WINDOWS - 1 mil thick, orange in color
When to replace the XRF Window for your Innov-X Systems Alpha Kapton Window and Thin vs Thick Kapton Window


  • Windows should be exactly the same material, type, and thickness as the ones you are replacing. Using other materials will impact the performance of your unit.
  • If you are not sure if these are the right replacement windows for you, simply send us a message using the Contact Us page.

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If you do not see your specific item Contact Us. We can help.

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