Authentic Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 Battery

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Authentic Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 handheld XRF Lithium Ion Battery supporting your Niton XL2 handheld XRF Analyzer!

This authentic Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 Battery (PN 420-002) is a reliable source of power designed to keep your handheld XRF running. With a rechargeable lithium ion battery, you can be sure you're getting a genuine Thermo Scientific product -- don't risk a counterfeit Chinese knockoff.


  • x1 Authentic Niton XL2 Rechargeable Battery PN 420-002
    • (7.4V, 7.11Ah, 52.61Wh)

Compatible with ALL Niton XL2 Models including:

  • Niton XL2
  • Niton XL2 Plus
  • Niton XL2 100G
  • Niton XL2 Standard
  • Niton XL2 501
  • Niton XL2 Precious Metals Analyzer
  • Niton XL2 GOLDD
  • Niton XL2 GOLDD+
  • ...and all other XL2 Models

Works with all Niton XL2 batteries including older batteries that may have a different part number such as PN 420-025. If your model is listed here, this battery will work for you.

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