Authentic Thermo Scientific Niton XLT & XLP Battery Charger

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Brand: Authentic Niton
Includes: 1 Battery Charger and 1 USA Wall Plug
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Authentic Thermo Scientific Niton Battery Charger for charging your Niton XLi, XLp, & XLT batteries!

    New and Compatible Battery Charger for Niton XRF models: XLi, XLp, and XLT models (see below). 

    • Niton XLi 300A
    • Niton XLi 301A
    • Niton XLi 302A
    • Niton XLi 303A
    • Niton XLp 300A
    • Niton XLp 302A
    • Niton XLp 303A
    • Niton XLi 700A
    • Niton XLi 701A
    • Niton XLi 702A
    • Niton XLi 703A
    • Niton XLp 700A
    • Niton XLp 701A
    • Niton XLp 702A
    • Niton XLp 703A
    • Niton XLT 792Y
    • Niton XLT 793KWZ
    • Niton XLP 797
    • Niton XLP 818
    • Niton XLT 898
    • Niton XLT 898AY

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