Olympus Delta Hi Temp Kap 8 Kapton Window PN 103173

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Instrument: Olympus Delta
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Olympus Delta Hi Temp Kap 8 Kapton Windows supporting your handheld XRF!

The Olympus Delta Hi Temp Kapton Window is required for high temperature applications for your Olympus Delta handheld XRF. Made in the USA, this window can withstand a maximum temperature of 650°F, giving you the ability to test in hot environments. Replace punctured windows as soon as possible to keep your handheld XRF working for you! Part Number 103173 U8990464.

  • Note: For temperatures up to 900°F, you will need the hot heel accessory. Please Contact Us with questions about high temperature applications.

Compatible with the following Olympus Delta Models

  • Olympus Delta Classic Models
    • DC-2000 (Alloy)
    • DC-4000 (Environmental)
    • DC-6000 (Mining)
    • DC-6500-C (ROHS)
  • Olympus Delta Classic Plus
    • DCC-2000 (Alloy)
    • DCC-4000 (Environmental)
    • DCC-6000 (Mining)
    • DCC-6500-C (ROHS)
  • Olympus Delta Inspector
    • DI-2000 (Alloy)
    • DI-2000-PMI (Precious Metals)
    • DI-2000-PM-C
    • DI-2000-PM-CC

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