Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 and XL3t Face Plate PN 187-1255

Sale price$495.00


Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 and XL3t Face Plate protecting your handheld XRF!

Sometimes called the face plate, front plate, or kapton bracket, the Niton XL2/XL3t is the black plastic plate on the snout of your Niton XL2 or Niton XL3t. It includes an orange rubber gasket on the backside. These items get worn down over time or lost. This assembly provides fresh protection to the snout of your XL2/XL3t! Keep your XRF clean and safe with a brand new kapton bracket!

This item includes the black face plate on the Niton XL2/XL3t models and the orange rubber gasket. Window and screws are not included. 

    New and Compatible with ALL Niton XL2 & Niton XL3t Models including:

    • Niton XL2
    • Niton XL2 Plus
    • Niton XL2 100G
    • Niton XL2 501
    • Niton XL2 800
    • Niton XL2 950
    • Niton XL2 980
    • Niton XL2 GOLDD
    • Niton XL3t 800
    • Niton XL3t 950
    • Niton XL3t 960
    • Niton XL3t 970
    • Niton XL3t 980
    • Niton XL3t GOLDD
    • Niton XL3t 951
    • Niton XL3t 981
    • and all other XL2 & XL3t Models

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