Bruker S1 Titan Portable Desktop Stand Kit PN 200.0057

Condition: Brand New
Sale price$2,495.00


Authentic Bruker S1 Titan Portable Desktop Stand Kit turning your handheld XRF into a portable workstation!

The Authentic S1 Titan Desktop Stand Kit is the perfect addition to your XRF analyzer. This kit provides the user with a portable, light weight benchtop stand and is available in either brand new or pre-owned condition. Works with any Bruker S1 Titan manufactured 2018 and later. Transform your handheld XRF into a stationary unit with ease.

Why use the Desktop Portable Desktop Stand Kit? 

Experience the superior performance on smaller samples along with the removal of your hands from the analysis area. Testing on a this workstation also allows remote operation of your Bruker S1 Titan! 

Compatible with ALL Bruker S1 Titan models manufactured in 2018 and later including:

  • Bruker S1 Titan 200
  • Bruker S1 Titan 300
  • Bruker S1 Titan 500
  • Bruker S1 Titan 500S
  • Bruker S1 Titan 600
  • Bruker S1 Titan 800
  • Bruker S1 Titan LE
  • Bruker S1 Titan SE
  • Bruker S1 Titan SP

*For models listed above, check the date of manufacture for your instrument. If your instrument is older than 2018, please Contact Us directly as your model will take a different test stand than the newest model.

If you do not see your specific item Contact Us. We can help.

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