Shop Bruker S2 Ranger XRF Sample Cups PN 7KP19018FA

Instrument: Bruker S2 Ranger
Quantity: 100 cups
Sale price$150.00


Sample cups for the Bruker S2 Ranger Benchtop EDXRF analyzer!

These XRF Sample cups are designed for sample analysis including powders & liquids with your Bruker S2 Ranger EDXRF analyzer. XRF Sample cups are bagged for cleanliness and safe transport. Don't forget your XRF film (sold separately). 

All Cups Feature:

  • Double Open-Ended
  • Internal Flow Reservoir
  • Friction-Fitting Vented Caps
  • Easy thin film attachment

Cup Dimensions (cup OD x max OD x height) 40.1x41.1x29.7mm

  • 40.1 x 41.1 x 29.7mm

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