Copper Accelerator for LECO Carbon Sulfur Analyzers PN 501-263

Quantity: 3lb Container
Sale price$99.99


Copper Accelerator for your LECO Combustion Analyzer supporting all Carbon Sulfur Analyzers

Keep your LECO carbon and sulfur analyzer running with this 30 mesh copper accelerator for your LECO CS844, CS744, and other models of Carbon and Sulfur Analyzers, LECO Part Numbers 501-263. This material is used in combustion analysis for carbon. Copper accelerator significantly reduces oxide dust during analysis.

Supported Models:

  • CS200 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS230 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS244 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS300 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS344 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS400 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS444 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS600 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS744 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS844 Carbon Sulfur Analyzer / CS844 Carbon/Sulfur Determinator
  • C844 Carbon Determinator / C844 Carbon Analyzer
  • S844 Sulfur Determinator / S844 Sulfur Analyzer
  • S844ES Enhanced Sulfur Analyzer
  • CS844ES Carbon and Enhanced Sulfur Analyzer

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