Hitachi LAB-X5000 P, S, Ca and Zn in Lubricating Oil PN 10003360

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Hitachi LAB-X5000 Phosphorous, Sulfur, Calcium, and Zinc in lube oil PN 10003360 supporting your benchtop XRF!

This item is a set of 17 standards 100ml each with various, randomized wt% ranges of Phosphorous, Sulfur, Calcium, and Zinc in lubricating oil. Concentrations are randomized for Ca, P, S, Zn.

Ranges of Elements In Oil:

  • P (0-0.3%)
  • S (0-1%)
  • Ca (0-1%)
  • Zn (0-0.3%)
  • Matrix is Lubricating Oil


  • x17, 100ml P, S, Ca, and Zn in Lubrication Oil Calibration Standards

You may also be looking for: Lab-X5000 Phosphorous Sulfur Calcium and Zinc in Lubrication Oil Calibration Set, Lab-X5000 P S Ca Zn in Lube Oil Calibration Standard, Hitachi Part Number 10003360, Certified Reference Material, Calcium, D4628, D4927, D6443, D6481, D7751, ISO9001, LOE, LOE17, Lubricating Oil, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Zinc

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