Authentic Thermo Scientific Niton XLi, XLp, & XLT Battery

Condition: New
Sale price$495.00


Authentic Thermo Scientific Niton XLP Battery powering your handheld XRF Analyzer!

This is a Lithium Ion Battery for the Niton XLi, Niton XLp, and Niton XLT analyzers. If you can match this unique battery shape, this battery is for you! This is an Authentic Niton item and comes brand new!

  • Niton XLi 300A
  • Niton XLi 301A
  • Niton XLi 302A
  • Niton XLi 303A
  • Niton XLp 300A
  • Niton XLp 302A
  • Niton XLp 303A
  • Niton XLp 304A
  • Niton XLp 305A
  • Niton XLp 306A
  • Niton XLi 700A
  • Niton XLi 701A
  • Niton XLi 702A
  • Niton XLi 703A
  • Niton XLp 700A
  • Niton XLp 701A
  • Niton XLp 702A
  • Niton XLp 703A
  • Niton XLT 792Y
  • Niton XLT 793KWZ
  • Niton XLP 797
  • Niton XLP 818
  • Niton XLT 898
  • Niton XLT 898AY
  • ...and more! If you can match this shape, this battery will work for you.

Authentic Niton XLP & XLP Battery showing Authentic Niton Stylus

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