Authentic SciAps 316 Standardization Keychain

Alloy: 316
Sale price$250.00


SciAps 316 Reference Clip Assembly for your SciAps X-Series Handheld XRF!

This Authentic SciAps 316 stainless steel standardization keychain functions as a portable check sample for your handheld XRF. No matter where you are, this item clips to the front of your X-Series for models: X-5, X-50, X-200, X-505, X-550, X-550 Pb, and X-555! Not only is it light weight and portable, but it also comes with a clip so you can attached it to your XRF no matter where the job takes you. Get yours today! 

See the images below to see how to use this item.

Compatible with SciAps X-Series Models:

  • X5
  • X50
  • X200
  • X505
  • X550
  • X550Pb
  • X555

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