SciAps X-Series Thick Kapton Windows

Quantity: 10 Windows $8/each
Sale price$80.00


SciAps X-Series Turnings Kapton Windows 3 mil for your SciAps handheld XRF!

The SciAps Turnings Window protects your XRF devices against damage and debris. Specifically designed to test turnings, this window offers the ultimate protection for your handheld XRF while allowing you to test machine chips. This 3 mil thick Kapton provides consistent results you need to keep your business running. Get the reliable protection you need to test turnings and other sharper samples with the SciAps X-Series Thick Kapton Window.

Compatible with SciAps X-Series Models where Turnings Window is already being used including:

  • X5
  • X50
  • X200
  • X505
  • X550
  • X550Pb
  • X555


  • This item is only compatible with instruments calibrated to be used with this window type. 
  • Replacement windows must be the same as the ones you are replacing. Using other materials will impact the performance of your handheld XRF. 

If you do not see your specific item Contact Us. We can help.

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