Single Bay Battery Charger for Viken Pb200

Sale price$295.00


Shop Battery Chargers for your Viken Detection Pb200 lead paint handheld XRF!

This battery charger for the Viken Pb200 (PN MH-VK-C1) is a reliable source of power designed to keep your handheld XRF powered up on the go. Capable of charging in the car, this battery charger is the ultimate portable solution to keep your Pb200 working long hours in the field. Buying your handheld XRF battery chargers online has never been easier!


Compatible with Viken Detection Pb200 Models including:

  • Viken Pb200
  • Viken Pb200i
  • Viken Pb200e
  • ...and all other Viken Pb200 models

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