Olympus Vanta Portable Workstation

Brand: Authentic Olympus
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Portable Workstation for Olympus Vanta handheld XRF!

The Olympus Vanta Portable Workstation helps you maximize your Vanta's capabilities by conveniently turning your handheld XRF into a benchtop device. Unlock the potential for remote operation with a computer and the ability to perform "Closed Beam" operation makes it the perfect choice for convenience and accuracy. Portable workstations like this one allow for better analysis of small or difficult to analyze samples. Closed Beam operation also removes the operator from using an open beam X-Ray device!

Compatible with the following Olympus Vanta Models:

  • Olympus Vanta M-Series
  • Olympus Vanta C-Series
  • Olympus Vanta L-Series


  • Vanta Portable Workstation
  • Virtual Training for setup. On-Site training is additional.
  • **Vanta XRF Analyzer sold separately**

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