Olympus Vanta Wirelesss LAN Dongle

Brand: Authentic Olympus
Sale price$200.00


Wireless LAN Dongle for Olympus Vanta  adding wifi to your handheld XRF gun!

This Wireless Dongle is the perfect way to upgrade your Olympus Vanta and add wireless connectivity. Simply plug it into the USB ports on the top of your Vanta, and you'll be able to connect via your wireless network. If you are part of a larger organization with a controlled network, make sure to involve your IT department.

Compatible with all Olympus Vanta Models including: 

  • Olympus Vanta Element
  • Olympus Vanta Element-S
  • Olympus Vanta M-Series
  • Olympus Vanta C-Series
  • Olympus Vanta L-Series
  • Olympus Vanta VEL

**Vanta XRF Analyzer sold separately**

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